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Ryan Thero

My name is Ryan Thero, also known as RTDJ. Thank you for taking the time to check out my wedding DJ website.


Since 2006 RTDJ has provided DJ services for many different types of events, including graduation parties, school dances, benefits, corporate parties, non-profits, and weddings of all sizes and cultural backgrounds.


As the owner and operator of RTDJ, I provide a complete digital sound system and lighting system, which is continually updated as new gear comes out. The gear is well maintained and functional for services provided. Our extensive music library is always growing with current music and thousands of titles covering oldies, to the latest top 40 hits, mainstream dance music as well as various underground titles.


The majority of the business RTDJ sees come from word of mouth, and social media shares. RTDJ believes that quality is better than quantity.


EVERY Client that works with RTDJ is highly valued and respected. We spend as much time necessary to craft the wedding that meets the dreams and desires of the client, this helps to avoid any unexpected surprises on the day of your wedding or event. RTDJ is attentive, engaged and fun for every client. We provide an infectious energy that keeps the dance floor moving.


RTDJ’s success is based on the satisfaction and joy of our clients. We achieve this by providing a premium performance of what they have dreamed up for their wedding or event. As entertainers and DJ’s it is our commitment to provide the best unparalleled personal service to provide a customized event for our new friends. We approach every event with professionalism, courteousness, and great intuition.


Our bottom line goal as RTDJ is to ROCK the party, because it is what we love to do. We look forward to every event we do no matter the size of the crowd. The goal is to provide everyone with a memorable experience with their DJ!

DJ Justin Rogers

I have been providing DJ services to the Metro Detroit and surrounding areas for over 10 years. I  pride myself on bringing quality entertainment to your wedding, graduation party, or any other gathering.  


While also holding a career in professional audio and live production services for over 18 years, I aim for excellence and attention to detail that will ensure  you and your guests enjoy every moment of your event.

I was connected to RTDJ through the live production world of Kensington Church and mutual friends in the music world. Our understanding of customer care and music is what brings us together and keeps us enjoying the industry. 

DJ Evan Profont

I am very passionate about the Music/A/V industry and all that it offers to its audiences.  I grew up performing in many bands of varying genres, and to this day I still teach private lessons and work with churches on their musical growth.  I also DJ and run audio for churches, weddings, private parties, benefits and any many other events.


I am self-taught through continuing education mediums like articles, magazines, workshops, webinars and YouTube.


My love for Audio Engineering and other technologies grew when I started working at Christ The King Church about 11 years ago.  I started as the music/tech director for our youth group and quickly learned the A/V side of things through self-education.  Later down the road, I became the Audio Production and Tech Director for the entire campus.  This kept me very busy and I gained a wealth of knowledge through this process.  Managing the entire campus’s technology was a big experience builder.  I also learned how to become a great leader through managing kid’s productions, special Holiday services, musical performances, working with incoming talent and managing weekly services through specialized management software. 


I was freelancing while working at the LakePoint Community Church and that’s where I connected with TeleVideo (now Conference Technologies Inc. Studios.  It has been a great experience working for this company and I have gained invaluable experience as a leader and technician. 

I was connected with RTDJ through the DJ world of Mike Staff Productions and mutual friends from the ministry world. Ryan and I have very similar hobbies and love for entertaining through our craft of audio and visual fields. 

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